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Since its foundation in 2007, Intellectsoft has been producing high quality, custom software for small businesses and enterprises. When client demand shifted from standard software to mobile app solutions, Intellectsoft modified its business model to reflect the demands of the market. Our app developers uk have since focused their efforts to become one of the uk leading app development agencies.

Intellectsoft offers a complete array of web-based services: ranging from development of iOS, Android, and Windows phone mobile applications all the way to front-end and back-end website solutions. We’ve successfully delivered more than 250 projects to satisfied clients all around the world. Whether you’re an enterprise looking to offer a mobile option for millions of users, or just looking to take your small business mobile: Intellectsoft has the experience you need to succeed.

Why Choose Intellectsoft to be Your
App Development Agency?

We’re Value Driven
We measure quality by results. We’re not interested in handing off software that doesn’t meet your needs nor drives your business. We’re an app development company UK that you can trust.
Unrivalled Knowledge Base
250 successful project deliveries across industries. From productivity to logistics to construction, finance, and games, we’ve got the expertise to make the perfect app for your business, no matter what your field.
Local Presence
We’re right near Oxford Circus. Drop in any time to talk to someone in person about your app, get a consultation, or just feel reassured that we’re not far when you need us.
UX/UI Focus
No one’s going to buy an ugly app, or a pretty app that’s hard to use. Our UI and UX designers know the latest trends and understand how to make a great mobile experience.
Client Commitment
We focus on transparency and constant communication with clients. There’s not a step in the development process that you won’t be a part of.
360 Service
Your mobile journey only begins at deployment. We offer full service support packages for updates, bug-fixes, and even marketing. You’ll have everything you need to tackle the Mobile Space.

An Agile App Development Agency

Intellectsoft employs Agile: the best methodology for an app development agency to ensure a flexible, yet affordable mobile application development process. We focus on quick, daily team meetings and swift development stages that always results in a tangible version of your product that you can test. Using your feedback our app developers UK can implement changes during the development process without adding significant amounts of time to the project resulting in on-time releases while staying within budget.


Artsiom Kozel Co-Founder and Director of US Operations

Artsiom Kozel

Co-Founder and Director of US Operations

Artsiom has always demonstrated outstanding collaboration, communication and presentation skills at multiple levels. He bursts with enthusiasm; works under pressure as if there was none. With his excellent future vision and passion for competing Artsiom is deemed for success.

Artsiom Kozel Managing Director, UK Operations

Rob Cushen

Managing Director, UK Operations

Rob has 15 years’ experience across marketing, digital, data and mobile industries. Prior to joining Intellectsoft Rob was UK & European Managing Director of Kadence, an international marketing consultancy. He has held senior roles at YouGov and Emnos as well as having developed his own app, giving him a unique insight into the do’s and don’ts of app development.

Artsiom Kozel Company Advisor

Gino Padua

Company Advisor

Gino leads teams that stimulate accelerated company growth and boost its presence in the market. His leadership style allows focusing on such crucial aspects as people, performance and process. The employees praise his competence in setting tasks clearly and providing well-thought guidelines. That is exactly what makes Gino an indispensable part of the сompany and a highly respected member of the team.

Artsiom Kozel VP of Engineering

Mikhail Chuprynski

VP of Engineering

Mikhail is an iconic CEO with a keen and conscientious attitude towards everything he does. With Mikhail at the helm, the company offers top-shelf services to clients and creates the optimal working environment needed to the employees for career opportunities. A systemic approach in making decisions and thorough analysis of risks make Mikhail a leader that can successfully see the company through difficult situations.

Artsiom Kozel Project Coordinator, Head of PM Department

Pavel Hasanov

Project Coordinator, Head of PM Department

As project coordinator Pavel has been leading the project management team at Intellectsoft for more than three years. His diligence and hard work are especially demonstrated in his management of dozens of projects simultaneously while balancing deliverables, payments, and scheduling like clockwork. He’s the glue that holds the project team together.

Artsiom Kozel Head of Business Development, EMEA

Dennis Shpakouski

Head of Business Development, EMEA

Dennis prides himself on high degree of integrity, persuasiveness, determination and passion. He has strong product knowledge and selling skills; serious professional and educational background. He is keen on new experience, responsibility and accountability.

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