Excellence in iPad Application Development

We take pride not just in making custom iPad applications of the highest quality, but in making them better than others. Our developers’ standards are high, and we only accept superior quality as we tailor applications to our clients’ needs.

Our iPad app developers have shown their cunning in every one of the more than 250 custom apps that they’ve produced, and our designers demonstrate elegant taste in designing graphics that proudly reflect your company’s image while conveying the brilliance of the solution.

At Intellectsoft, your vision mixes with our expertise to construct a sophisticated, beautiful, and efficient iPad application that satisfies the needs of your end users: practical apps for real people. It’s our craft.

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Why Choose Us to Develop Your Custom iPad Application?

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Extensive Experience:

  • We gladly work with businesses of all sizes, and we’ve developed custom applications with radically different aims. With more than 250 successful projects completed, we have the resources to build the most suitable iPad application for your users.
  • We know what we’re doing. Our experts offer invaluable insight on the latest market trends to help architect practical functionality and design attractive graphics that sell.


  • We consistently rate amongst the top iPad developers. Just open our portfolio and take a glimpse at our diverse collection of successful projects.
  • Ernst & Young, Universal Pictures, Bombardier, and other big names have sought us out for their mobile application development needs. They required a company whose work could embody the elegance of their brands, so they chose us.


  • Our project managers work with you on a very personal level: we meticulously analyse your needs to produce a solution that works for you.
  • We work together at every step to make your app exactly what you need.

Creating Your Custom iPad Application...Together:

When you partner with Intellectsoft, we’re careful to represent your brand is if it were our own. In our eyes, your reputation becomes our reputation and your users—our users. Together we’ll plan realistic timelines and build proper expectations to execute the project smoothly and on budget.

As tried-and-true experts of iPad application development, we have built a powerful reputation of which we’re extremely proud. Since our founding in 2007, we have released more than 250 custom iPad applications of superior quality. Our solutions are designed to maximize iOS functionality, yet engage the user intuitively.