Excellence in iPad Application Development

Having paved the way for mobile tablets, Apple’s iPads still remain the most popular tablet on the market, and as Apple releases newer and less expensive versions, iPad application development remains extremely profitable for developers.

Intellectsoft has been setting the standard of iPad app design and development for over seven years, and during that time we’ve produced over 250 successful apps for small businesses and enterprises, serving millions of users daily. We’ve have the experience your business needs to guide you, end-to-end, through the mobile space. From initial conception all the way to user acquisition and retention, Intellectsoft has the knowledge you need.

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Custom iPad Apps Design to Fit Your Brand

Touch-based interface, smaller screens, and new interactions: the mobile space is a whole new ball game. iPad app design does not simply consist of attractive colors and pretty animations, it represents a seamless mesh of user experience and minimalist beauty. We’ve successfully provided iPad app development services to companies with iconic style like Harley-Davidson and L’Oreal. Our designers have the experience and know precisely what it takes to attract and keep users.

Why Choose Us to Develop iOS Apps on iPad?

ipad app development


  • When it comes to a balance between affordability and quality, Intellectsoft can’t be beat! Our rates are competitive, and we understand the budget concerns of small businesses and enterprises!


  • We’re not satisfied until our clients are. We pride ourselves in producing top-shelf applications that you’ll be proud to carry your brand on. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at our portfolio.

Full-Cycle Expertise

  • Our partnership doesn’t end with product delivery, we offer a full range of support packages for updates, bug-fixing, and even marketing expertise. With over 250 apps built, we can help with everything from tech to marketing.

Crafting Your Custom iPad Application

Partnering with Intellectsoft to develop iOS apps on iPad is a step in the right direction for your business. In fact it’s not a one-way road - your app will be built according to your needs and specifications, but we’ll tell you if there might be a better decision, we’ll hammer out the details together. In other words, we’ll be your team. You’ll be able to draw from our well of expertise to make well-informed decisions, create an airtight business plan, and learn what you need about mobile app marketing.