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Mobile app development is your key to capturing customers or empowering employees, but you'll need a masterful mix of skills to get it right the first time.

We work across all major mobile platforms

  • iOS
  • Windows phone
  • Android

Build Your Future

Mobile apps already account for 88% of smartphone activity and 83% of tablet activity. You can be 99% sure those figures are only going up.

Whether you’re a startup founder selling a digital service, or an established enterprise struggling to increase efficiency, app development deserves discussion as a strategic priority. Mobile is becoming the preferred method of discovering, consuming, and sharing information, and only an exceptional user experience will put your business in a position to profit.

Industry Experience

  • Business
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Productivity
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping
  • Transportation
  • Retail
  • Security
  • Tools
  • Medical

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Clients count on us for much more than code

That's why Intellectsoft has assembled a team of technical experts and business advisors capable of coaching you through every phase of the product development lifecycle.

1 / Requirements Identification

Confirm your business case and figure out which features will deliver the desired user experience

2 / Agile Development

Translate bright ideas into practical tools by focusing on fast feedback and continuous improvement

3 / Product Marketing & Promotion

Position your product for success with messaging designed to resonate with the appropriate audience

4 / Mobile App Maintenance

Keep your app up to date with emerging technology and ensure predictable performance

We develop software so you can develop advantages

If you don't see clear ROI, then we didn't do our job. We guard against this outcome by learning all we can about what your business needs and what your users demand before we ever create a line of code.

1 / Better Brand Awareness

Secure your spot in today’s marketplace by meeting your audience on the mobile platforms they love

2 / Increased Operational Efficiency

Improve your agility and eliminate waste with access to real-time data and intuitive collaboration tools

3 / Stronger Customer Relationships

Simplify communications, promote continuous engagement and generate fresh customer insights

4 / Expanded Revenue Opportunities

Mobilize your current purchasing processes and/or open entirely new revenue streams

Retail Chain Client

A loyalty app for a major clothing retailer gives customers a discounted and personalized shopping experience.


Company History


projects delivered

Most projects take more than 1,000 hours of custom development to complete.


full-time developers

We do not outsource. We grow in-house to maintain the highest levels of quality and integrity.


years in operation

We are not new kids on the block. We evolved alongside all the software and technology we work with.


offices in 6 countries

Always available, always ready to talk about your priorities.

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"Intellectsoft has been quick to pick up what's important to us as a business and understand how we work. They've been excellent at providing innovative solutions."

James Hayward // On-Board Business Systems Manager // Eurostar

Ready to make some software magic?
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