Android Development

The Android market is the biggest one with millions of users. Developing an application for Android you can reach extended audience and significantly grow your sales. Our talented android application developers will help you build and maintain your applications to assure that your products and services gain success and become popular in the mobile sphere.

Android Application Development

Since 2007 Intellectsoft have developed 250 top-tier apps for different enterprises. We specialise in complex enterprise environments preserving the integrity of every brand and promoting our customers’ products. We follow modern trends in custom Android app development which helps us achieve desired results that delight our customers.


The features attributed to professional Android 4 application development empower us to implement a balanced approach that encompasses discipline, powerful technical expertise, iteration and personal touch. Strong functionality and aesthetic appeal are at the forefront of principles we follow when working on our android application development service. When you get your app developed, you might also need several additional services. These include developing a marketing strategy, choosing and using analytical tools to follow user trends and track the flow of traffic, supporting and updating the existent apps, debugging, and more.


Android application development service provided by Intellectsoft is based on many years of expertise, staged service processes and full devotion of our UX experts and designers. We tend to develop projects in a constant cooperation with our customers providing robust support and clear guidelines. We become your loyal partner that cares for your brand and reputation. It is our mission to make sure your idea seamlessly transforms in an effective mobile application that brings measurable ROI and decently represents your company.

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