Jaguar Talk

Jaguar Talk app is a multi-language mobile solution that facilitates user communication.


Jaguar Land Rover needed a way to facilitate communication with users in different languages. Jaguar decided to resolve this problem by developing an application that lets users who are speaking different languages freely communicate with each other. The messages should be viewable in the favoured language.


The app needed different translating options, so we integrated speech-to-text and language-to-language translation possibilities into the mobile solution. For instance, voice-to-text conference call translator hears in one language and translates to another. There is also functionality for PDF format built in Jaguar Talk app. All messages can be viewed in the preferred language.

The app makes it possible to involve a certain number of participants in a conference. There is a possibility to hold 5 simultaneous conferences within the app. Thanks to advanced speech recognition technology up to 30 conference participants can communicate freely in different languages. Currently 16 languages are available on Jaguar Talk.


The language barrier exists no longer thanks to JLR Talk. People from different countries can now understand each other quicker and with less effort applied, promoting efficient communication between company representatives no matter where they’re located in the world.

A pleasant and intuitive user interface facilitates maximum convenience in otherwise hectic conference calls. Intercultural communication has never been so easy, and JLR Talk helps you concentrate on the important matters of discussion.

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