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Build a stronger bond with your customers by creating software that complements and enhances their shopping experience. Whether it’s mobile applications to offer your clients unique deals and make their shopping more convenient or the development of in-store positioning software — Intellectsoft can help your business create solutions that can put your business ahead of the curve.

Technology has opened up a wealth of new opportunities for retailers but it also presents a new, unique set of challenges. This e-commerce boom is driving constant changes in consumer behavior and just playing “catch-up” isn’t an option. Innovative and adaptive software is a key component of a successful retail model.
Whether online or brick-and-mortar, vibrant engagement tactics, enriched CRM solutions, and automated workflows mark the difference between business success and failure. Our team of experts has the talent, experience, and business intelligence to help your business develop software to engage your consumers and cut inefficiencies.

  • Get to know your customers better, boost their brand loyalty, track the shopping journey, and nudge customers stuck in the sales funnel with that irresistible one-time-offer.
  • Build software solutions that will empower your employees to work more efficiently. Help them spend more time with your clients, while using specialized software that helps lower the time spent on managing inventory.
  • Expand your business by adding online retail options, integrate your existing software solutions with other B2B, B2C, or B2E solutions, and receive real-time reports on sales at your store.

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Ready to make some software magic?
The first step is connecting.

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