Intellectsoft Executive Leadership and Senior Management bring decades of industry experience, a global perspective and a passion for achieving results.

Executive Board

Alexander Skalabanov

Co-founder & Chair of the Board

Artem Kozel

Co-founder and Board Member

Vlad Vahromovs

Chief Executive Officer & Deputy Chair of the Board (Strategy Investment)

Sergii Panasenko

Chief Operating Officer & Deputy Chair of the Board (Operations)

Delivery and Accounts

Vitalii Barash

Delivery Manager

Anton Derkach

Delivery Manager

Ostap Vykhopen

Delivery Manager

Business Development

Oleksii Nakonechnyi

Head of Business Development

Viktoriia Nikolaienko

Digital Transformation Advisor

Yuliia Minenko

Digital Transformation Consultant

Tim Kozak

Senior Solution Architect, Silver Winner of the ABA

Kurt Tonheim

VP of Sales, Nordic Region

Oleksii Liubavin

Head of Healthcare Digitalization Services

Alexander Volt

Solutions Advisor